Channel 7: nothing beats a referral!

Update 3: I wrote another article.

Update 2: After several emails between me and John Spencer for Channel 7 Global Business Development I can say the following:
If I were to be contacted by Channel 7 again, I would agree to meet to learn more about them. It seems that Tony’s behaviour was NOT at all in line with Channel 7’s code of ethics and is therefore not tolerated. Channel 7 has taken action in order to this not to happen again. John was very forthcoming and I would certainly listen to his proposals.

Update: I have been contacted by senior channel 7 management. Once i get back from Israel we are going to discuss details of my encounter with tony. I was assured this is not standard business procedure and will not be tolerated. More info next week.

10 Print “Markets are conversations. And most buying decisions are influenced by personal recommendations.”
(just a reminder)

20 I received a call yesterday afternoon from a woman named Amy. She told me a great story. Basically, her company, Channel 7, helps other companies who wish to conquer a new locale, e.g. Hamburg, Germany. They help find business partners in that location. Whatever you need: dentist, lawyer, logistics or – in our case – an advertising agency. Local businesses in Channel 7’s pool are “personally vetted”, a process that “needed”  to take place today since demand for advertising agencies in Hamburg had apparently skyrocketed and for some funky reason, Channel 7 did not yet have a partner in this industry in Hamburg. Nice one. Oh yes, you have to pay a fee of £3000 to become a partner.

30 We met with Tony anyway, you never know. He said he just got in from Bucharest, flight was ok, and sorry for being late. And he told us the great Channel 7 history, gave a lame presentation, e.g. pointing out that the “referral request form” is their most important document and that we were the first agency to be approached.
One tiny thing though: The husband of our graphic designer also owns an agency where some guy named Tony had proposed scheme sounding very much the same. Yesterday. After Tony told us we were the first agency he approached in Hamburg I had her (my colleague) call her husband to confirm physical description and accessories. She did and we decided to call him out. And he said “yes I lied.” The meeting was basically over, nevertheless providing a great story. There were a million ways in which he could have told the truth – but decided to lie. So I guess I cannot recommend Channel 7. Please see update above. I would just like to say loud and clear to every salesman of every company: trust is earned and not by lying.

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(Updated to clarify some details)