Happy 2-year Anniversary Speaking English Podcast

Thank you everybody for watching the Speaking English Podcast for the past two years, yesterday was the day. I am very grateful for all the feedback, positive as well as critical.

What started out as a podcast playground turned into a quite a project, with quite some content delivered as far as Feedburner tells me:

Not to brag, but the actual views served is much higher, with content distributed on Revver, Sevenload, MySpace and several other platforms. Revver remains the service of choice at the moment, but it is hardly a money maker.

As a consequence (trying to find a different model), I am delivering episodes 85-89 ad-free and with a higher quality, hoping to attract more happy viewers and maybe finally a sponsor. As you can see on my revver-site, views over the last shows are up to 45k, feed subscribers around 2k. If I were a (reference) book publisher, soft drink producer, electronics vendor, hard drive manufacturer I’d take a real close look at the numbers 😉 Also in the works is a DVD (taking a page out of the Tim Ferris play-book).

Enough baiting. Thanks again for watching, I wish I had more time to do a live show or maybe some Seesmic-action at a scheduled hour once a week. Maybe in the future. And remember, you can always chat me up at sebastiankeil at gmail dot com.

Oh, Episode #86 has just been published.