On this day one year ago

planet sab was launched. (Finally I can use Dave Winer’s great category myself.) Happy Birthday to me. It also means that I have been blogging for more than a year on my other blog (in German).
My first posts dealt with corporate blogging which is still a hot topic, especially now that I have launched one myself. Thanks to Constantin for adding it to the list.

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TypePad: Home for now

As the reader might not know, I am a big hockey buff and delighted when posts from Shel Holtz or Steve Rubel use hockey analogy. That in mind, I am envisioning future headlines like "Scoble signs switches to Expression Engine" or "Chris Pirillo announces to use WordPress".

Although there might be reason for concern regarding TypePad, as pointed out among others by Neville and Steve Rubel, I have decided to stay put with their service (so that’s my headline). I believe in the email message from their CEO, and Colleen and Kymberlie of the customer service have guided me very patiently through problems during my relaunch. Finally, among "regular" work I could not find the time  to not only research the various other providers but also get deep into their structure.

That said, today would be a good day to leave your RSS-reader and pay a visit to planet sab. I chose a very simple layout since my design skills are limited (see cry for help) and mirrored it with my other blog, also interchanging headlines. I am not sure about ads yet, originally wanting to include them but fate (=code) seems to interfere and I am not aspiring to go pro anyway. Let me know what you think.

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